Volunteer Profile: Steve Fleenor, Flight1 Photographer Extraordinaire

I can’t wait to tell you about Flight1’s star volunteer photographer, Steve Fleenor. He has been at Flight1 longer than I have, really since the very beginning. He works at Eli Lilly with founder Marcus Strawhorn, and when he learned that Marcus was looking for a photographer to document the experiences of kids in our program, Steve quickly volunteered and rarely misses a single event.


Over the past year and a half of several monthly events, I’ve gotten to know a lot about Steve. The first thing about him that struck me is his attention to detail. He takes plenty of photos, being careful to catch certain key moments in each event. He has them uploaded and online within a day or two, every single time. He gets us prints of photos as fast as we can request them. If he needs to pull out his planner to check a flight date, you will be absolutely astounded at his record keeping. If he has a trip planned in two months, he will have every single thing he plans to pack listed out, his haircuts scheduled accordingly, and phone numbers and addresses of each place he plans to visit during his to-the-hour itinerary.


He loves to talk to the parents of the kids about their upcoming vacations, or the cities the kids pick to fly to in the simulator, always having some trivia or anecdote about the local area. His knowledge of scuba diving and boating is truly impressive. He talks to the kids like they are adults, and it seems to me that his manner instills more confidence in them. He asks them questions that he would ask an adult (with sometimes hilarious results), and the children feel that they are being taken seriously and not talked down to.


We are so grateful for Steve. Not just for his excellent and prolific photography, but for his sincerity and commitment to documenting Flight1’s mission. So much of what we do would not be possible without volunteers, and Steve is the perfect example of someone who makes our work better. If you see him at an event, please give him a “thank you” from all of us!