Volunteer Positions



Flight1 depends on volunteers to make our mission possible. It’s an important part of maximizing the impact of every donation and contribution. We welcome fun people who want to help kids build the confidence to navigate life.

Events are usually in the Indianapolis area but we also have virtual volunteers who handle their assignments via the web. There are a few specific roles posted below but there’s always plenty to do for anyone interested in helping out.

You can learn more about Flight1 here. Then, if you can share some of your time, we would love to hear from you at mail@flight1.org. We’ll get back to you ASAP with more information.

Thank you for your interest.


Flier Finder (Medical Liaison)

Flight 1 is seeking a medical professional to connect the organization with children who qualify for the Courageous Fliers program. Use your own skills and network to identify who our little fliers will be. We’ll take it from there…right into the clouds!

Media Marshal (Media Relations Specialist)

Flight1 has a lot to say and there are lots of people we want to hear it. The Media Marshal will help disseminate and broadcast Flight1’s initiatives and events to local media outlets and national and regional aviation publications. He or she will also develop and manage relationships with the appropriate contacts, write copy, and/or use materials created by our marketing team.

Fun Creator (Event Planner)

We need a planner to support Flight1 awareness events. Responsibilities will be assigned based on your availability and abilities. While you do things like this: • Assist with establishing event venues, supplies, vendors, and/or participants • Research effective event strategies • Create fun and unique event experiences that fit our flight-related theme You can also do this: • Build your communications/event planning resume • Support activities that make a real difference for local children • Gain valuable contacts among business owners and community leaders

Movie Master (Video Producer)

We need someone with the skills to tell our story on the screen: to shoot and edit video into clips and segments that will touch and motivate potential contributors, partners, and volunteers. Flight1 uses the joy of flight to instill confidence in children facing medical challenges or who have lost an immediate family member to illness. How? By putting them in the pilot’s seat! Our Courageous Fliers actually take the controls of a Cessna 172 or a cutting-edge flight simulator under the guidance of a Certified Flight Instructor. There are plenty of powerful moments just waiting for an artist like you to show them to the world.