Say Hello to Sandy!

We are so excited to formally introduce you to our brand-new program director, Sandy Strawhorn! Flight1 has been growing exponentially since it began over five years ago. This year, it became apparent that we have so many Courageous Fliers to schedule each month, that coordinating with families, flight instructors, and airports was a job within itself! Sandy started helping with scheduling as a volunteer in 2016, and was already familiar with the nuts and bolts of arranging flights.


Scheduling is vitally important to our mission, but as program director, Sandy does so much more. She constantly has an eye to how we can improve the Courageous Fliers experience for our kids. If there are ways we can build confidence more effectively or make nervous fliers more comfortable, she is always assessing that. She is also building relationships with other nonprofits that work with kids, so that we have organizations to refer our participants to, as well as other groups referring their families to Flight1.


Sandy is by no means new to Flight1, either. As the wife of our founder, Marcus Strawhorn, she has been a supporter, participant, and volunteer for Flight1 since the very beginning. No one could have as much perspective on the meaning and mission of our programming as these two! Her dedication to the organization and the people in it shines through when she talks to parents, or presents ideas for improving our curriculum.


We are so fortunate to have passionate and hardworking volunteers like Sandy, and even more excited when they officially become Flight1 employees!