Help Fund a Family

Being a Courageous Flier means so many things to local families. It means having a life-changing experience of overcoming nerves, fears, and gravity itself, as a child takes flight sitting in the pilot-in-command seat. For the parents, it means watching their child be excited about something for weeks, and a grin of accomplishment on their son or daughter’s face as they jump down from the flight simulator or airplane.

Flight1 is proud that we are able to offer these experiences to the whole family, at no cost to them. By definition, all of our families have had a health challenge affect them somehow, which sometimes means money is a little tight. They don’t have to think about that when they sign up for Courageous Fliers, though. The generous support we find in the business community and our individual donors make it possible to raise approximately $1,000 per family each year to fund their experiences.

We are asking you to pitch in this month, and help us fund a family. The money we raise goes to outreach of finding new participant families. It goes towards aircraft rental. It pays for fuel. It covers our certified flight instructors that work individually with each child. It supplies the logbook our kids sign after their flights, and their pin and certificate they get for each year they complete with us.

Xavier and mom Yulonda

In this photo, Xavier hugs his mom after finishing his first flight with us. He was a little nervous beforehand, but trying hard to keep his cool teenage exterior intact. He did a good job, until he landed, and couldn’t keep his excited, energized smile under wraps any longer. His mom was so proud! You can see in their faces, that this flight has affected them for a long time to come.

Please consider clicking the “Donate” button in the upper right corner and pledging five dollars a month, five-hundred dollars for half of a families yearly activities, or whatever is comfortable for you. Kids like Xavier are waiting for their turn to fly, and could use your help!