Community Day Role Model Information


Messages from Role Models Needed!

Flight1’s mission – recently featured on Flying magazine’s website – is to build confidence in children afflicted with or affected by serious illnesses. Everything we do is focused on that goal – from having our Courageous Fliers take the controls of a Cessna 172 to the ongoing flight-related activities they attend throughout the three-year program.

Aside from the flying, a great example of how a child builds confidence is when he or she gets to sign a logbook like a real pilot.  Besides feeling like a part of the aviation community, the child sees well-wishes and notes of encouragement that local celebrities have written throughout the logbook.

As pilots and pathfinders, you know it takes courage and determination to put fear aside and do something you have never done before. That’s what these kids have done under very difficult circumstances. Courage and determination are perfect wingmen for the confidence they show and build through participating in Flight1. All will be invaluable in helping them face whatever life may bring their way.

Flight1’s first annual fly-in breakfast and Community Day is July 20th at Indianapolis International Airport. Many of our Courageous Fliers will be celebrating a year in the program. We want to play Skype video recordings and read emails from role models in aviation and NASA who wish to encourage these children and acknowledge their accomplishments. That’s where you come in.

We would be very grateful if you or someone you know would participate by providing an encouraging message via email or Skype. It should:

  • be in the form of an email or 30 sec video
  • have your name, title, and location
  • tell what you do
  • describe how you got into aviation
  • tell why you feel these children should be recognized and/or encouraged.

If you can help us make this day even more special for our Courageous Fliers, please email Marcus Strawhorn (

Thank you for your time and your interest.